Name: Jenny

Age: 4 years

Color: Black and White

Sex: Female

About me: Hello. Jenny here. If you like going on peaceful walks, with a cool breeze hitting your face on a hot summer evening than I am your gal. My dreadful past has not much affected my relationship with humans. I can enjoy both human and canine company. I like listening to my homosapian friends and leaning on their legs, while resting.

Why Sponsor/Adopt Me: I may have one of the most brutal human behavior acted upon me. I don’t know why I was a victim of such dreadful act of violence. This violent may may be hurt deep inside or has no empathy towards animals. Whatever the reason, I have no bad intention towards him now. This cruel individual grabbed my neck and tried to cut my throat for no reason. I cried and tried to escape. I could feel the sharp object penetrating my skin, my blood gushing everywhere and my vision turning red. Hope no one has to go through what I went. Then he left me to bleed myself out, till I die. Luckily, my cries and howls caught the attention of people and they informed Sneha’s care team. Thanks to them. I was rescued by Sneha’s care mobile team and they took me to an animal’s hospital emergency unit. I was battling for my life for 72 hours, until I regained my consciousness. I had a lot of stiches but they were able to save me. The team took me to the shelter to recuperate and recover and to everyone’s surprise, I was back to my healthy self. Though, the previous incident still haunts me to the core. But I’ve learned to move forward and enjoy my life here at the shelter.

There are a lot of cases like mine at the shelter and dogs have come out in worse conditions than me after their respective traumatic incidents. Our treatment and nurturing expenses pile up at the shelter. Animal lovers who can feel for such dogs who experienced hard times can help by trying to adopt/sponsor us, to lead a life with less suffering.

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