Name: Husky

Age: 5 years

Color: Grey and White

Sex: Male

About me: I don’t know what breed I am but everyone says I look like a husky. That is how my name came to me. I may appear fierce and intimidating to someone new, however I am a sweetheart to make friends with. I always come rubbing on people’s legs, seeking attention and licking their hands. Dogs at the shelter are taken for long walks around the green fields of Chovar, which is enjoyed by all dogs, including me. I cannot express how I excited I get on these walks, as there are so many new stuffs to sniff at and so much space to run around.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: I was found by the rescue team with several wounds on my head around Koteshwor area. My small puppy self was trying to survive alone in the cruel streets of Kathmandu. A local dog lover saw my hungry, weak and skinny condition and called Sneha’s care and the team came to the rescue within 24 hours. They assessed my situation and found that I had a tumor. But with one of the best medical teams around, my care was on good hands and the tumor was easily avoided. It could have been worse if it attended lately. With proper medication and care, I recovered pretty quickly. Now I roam around happily around the shelter. However, there is always the fact that it is hard for the team to look after more than 170 dogs with their own individual problems. So will you sponsor me and help me get through this my life with ease?

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