Name: Doctor

Gender: Male

Age: 7 years old

Color: Brown, white and black

About me: My name is Doctor. The reason I am called doctor is because I was hit by a doctor’s car. I am bossy in nature. Sneha teaches me saying I am jealous but in fact I love attention all on me.

Why Adopt me: When I was hit by a doctor’s car I had four factures on my two hind legs. My left leg was all smashed, as I had no family who would be my voice and take action? I was alone. I was just a street dog to that doctor and denied for my treatment. Seeing his cruelty,  I was shocked to know he was doctor  by profession.  He was not accountable of his action and went away. I then was saved by students who moderated me to Sneha. Sneha took me to the clinic and gave me home in her animal shelter. With months of treatment in Sneha’s Care I can finally walk around again.  I was paralyzed from the accident and my treatment was very expensive, Eva Sneha’s Care board member who fell in love with me found a sponsor for me and I am sponsored by my godmother.

I am sure you are inspired by my story and with this I appeal you to please sponsor my friends like me who are struggling with life. Sneha’s Care is providing with all love, care and support but along with Sneha’s Care support we really want yours too. Please HELP us!

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