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Name: Charlot 

Age: 7 years

Color: Black

Sex: Female

About me: Hi there! I am your next door piggy, who loves eating anything in sight and is passionate about sleeping throughout the day. I am the laziest among the bunch and sometimes don’t even get up for food. I have a hard time getting up after a full meal and once I snooze, you may require an earthquake to wake me up. 

Why Sponsor me: I was rescued from a pig farm at Kailali along with my five other pig companions. We were overweight and kept in rough conditions, as we were bred for meat. Sneha Shrestha rescued us from such a hell of a life and brought us to our new home, where we play, eat, sleep and do as we wish. We pigs are a hungry gang of hooligans and we require a lot of food and resources to survive. Sneha’s care takes good care of us but the financial burden is huge along with dogs and other farm animals. A small act of kindness from your side can do a lot for any animal at the sanctuary. Help us help these animals by sponsoring.


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