Name: Blacky

Age:  7 years

Color: White

Sex: Female

About me: I have quite a bold reputation around the shelter as I don’t fear anyone, even the buffaloes. My dominant behavior might intimidate some people but when I get to play, my inner child comes out and I forget about my aggressive self. I always look for an opportunity to run and play around. Once the gates open, I charge out and run all over the grassy plains near the shelter.

Why Sponsor me: My story begins inside a farm animal enclosure at Kailali, with insufficient space to move and roam, along with a few of my piggy friends. We were raised to be consumed by our fellow humans. Sad isn’t it? There was no roof to protect us from the rain and the scorching heat of the terai, waiting for our owner to slaughter us. But one day a kind soul named Sneha, noticed our disgraceful situation and freed us from such hard circumstances. We arrived at the Sneha’s Care Farm Animal Sanctuary with six other piggy friends and quickly got accustomed to the setting there, as we were provided with healthy, nutritious food along with enough space to roam and play. With the seven piggies and many more farm animals, it is difficult to consistently provide for us. Bearing the financial responsibility of anyone of us shall make a huge difference in their lives. So will you donate to help us??

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