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Name: Bub

Age:  2 years

Color: Black

Sex: Male

About me: A warm Namaste to you all from me, Bub. If you want to hang around with me, you need to be a little careful as I can hit you with my strong/pointed horns. I am friendly but I can be a bit hot-headed at times. People have abandoned me for no reason but I need to be thankful that I am still alive. People don’t see me as an animal, they see me as a mass of meat who does not have any feelings. Thanks to some of them that I was not served on a plate but left in a temple for God.

Why Sponsor me: Not only for me but winter is hard for all the community animals. The feeling of staying in a shivering cold, with an empty stomach can only be explained by the ones who have experienced it. I am thankful to Sneha’s Care for rescuing me and providing me with daily meals and keeping me warm during this cold weather. I don’t get it, even if I am not going to be sent to a slaughterhouse, couldn’t they just leave me in an area full of green grass? That would be nice as I wouldn’t have to wait for others to feed me. Though I am a little hard to handle, can you please sponsor me so that I will be able to have my daily meal. If you are willing to adopt me, I can be a great family member to you. I am waiting for my generous sponsor and would like to thank you in advance. to help us??

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