Ban Live Animal Transportation

Imagine being treated like a piece of cargo. Transported for days, even weeks on end simply to meet an often-brutal fate.  This is the reality of the cruel live animal transportation.

We are the first organization to expose the illegal and inhumane transportation of livestock that were unseen every single day. No legal processing, no border check-points, no checking up on the bleeding, dying animals, just because they are animals headed to slaughter.

More than a decade ago, Nepal established the Animal Transportation Standard, which ensures that animals will be transported with the appropriate care and in fully equipped trucks with enough room for them. Articles 15, 16, and 17 of Animal Transportation Standards, 2064, clearly state the provision regarding the means of transportation for animals. In reality, this standard is not often followed in Nepal because there are no enforcement authorities working to enforce it. Inhumane conditions are used to transfer numerous animals to our nation’s capital from various places for a variety of purposes. They have no room to sit or move around. Animals are confined to a tight space and are forcefully bound with ropes from head to tail while riding in trucks, keeping them immobile for long periods. Although there are laws against it, they are neither enforced nor checked.

Ban Live Animal Transportation campaign was started by Sneha’s Care in 2017, with a focus on outlawing the transport of animals from Nepal’s lowlands to the nation’s capital in a cruel way. Since the program’s commencement, we have trained government representatives on how to properly manage the transportation of animals. We have also assisted enforcement agencies by setting up checkpoints and by providing necessary materials. Sneha’s Care wants to make this program available to all provinces nationwide and put a stop to animal cruelty in transportation.

Sneha’s Care aims to expand this program nationwide in all provinces and envisage ending cruelty from animal transportation. 

Our Attempts to Ban Long Distance Live Animal Transportation:

Every morning, thousands of buffaloes are illegally transported to the city from the borders beyond capacity of transport vehicles, overcrowded, and often mixed with sick and injured animals. The whole journey is cruel and painful to the innocent animals.

Sneha’s Care has been campaigning for awareness and advocating for stricter laws and alternatives to Live Animal Transportation, collaborating with international organizations, and monitoring animal quarantine check posts. Violations of government standards during transportation were found, including overcrowding, lack of food and water, use of ropes causing injuries , mixing animals of different ages and physical conditions causing stress, over stacking of goats leading to suffocation and exhaustion and unmanaged execution processes.

Our team investigate every week visiting the Kathmandu checkpoint to check whether the animals are being transported by following the animal transportation guidelines. The truck drivers, herders and ranchers are told about the guidelines and awareness is given on how the criteria of animals should be transported without harming them. We have been lobbying with the concerned stakeholders but till date, the acts have not yet been put into effect. These issue needs to gain the attention of concerned bodies so we have been posting an awareness campaign in our social media too. Everyone, people consuming meat and momos need to know about this matter of animal sufferings and we are trying our best to reach out to more people to end their sufferings.

Story of NOLA and CARYL:

From torture and abuse to a fear-free life: this has been the journey of Nola and Caryl.

Nola and Caryl were being transported from Sarlahi to Kathmandu in a vehicle in an inhuman manner. The capacity to fit inside the vehicle was of just one buffalo but 6 of them were being transported. They were kept in a congested space, with their nose and legs tied tightly and during the transport(11-12 hours), some of them were bleeding from their nose, had broken horns and wounds on their body. 

Out of 6 buffaloes, 2 of them were dropped to the slaughterhouse prior to entering Kathmandu and 2 of them were taken away right after our founder stopped them. Witnessing this animal cruelty, she immediately took action and rescued Caryl and Nola whose condition was worse. 

They were scared of humans and did not eat properly when they were rescued to the shelter. The torture and abuse they had to go through before being rescued made them traumatized to a level where they might have never thought that, even they deserve love and care from humans. They now live and enjoy life like every other living being in this world. 

In spite of laws and standards implemented for live animal transportation, people do not take it seriously and these animals have to endure pain and suffering for hours. 
Putting an end to animal cruelty has always been our foremost goal for Sneha’s Care and we are working on it and will be giving continuity to it until the standards  are followed by everyone.