Name: VICTOR(Ganesh)

Age: 2 years old

Color: White with black spots

Sex: Female 

About me: Paws are considered one of the main features of dogs and that main feature has been snatched from me. A truly agonizing story where my paws(hind-limbs) were crushed and torn off by a truck and I was left in the streets for eight consecutive days bleeding to an extent that I only had a few breaths left. I am grateful to my soft-hearted informer who informed me about my case to Sneha’s Care and I was rescued immediately. 

Why adopt/sponsor me: My name Victor was kept because I survived in that critical condition and got victory over my death. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to walk normally like other dogs but I am living in peace and don’t have the fear of being hit again. Will you be the one to inspire everyone by adopting a pawless dog?? You can support me in my treatment, food, basically my monthly needs by sponsoring me. I am waiting for you. 

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