Day 34: Feeding Day

April 27, 2020

With the lockdown, stray animals that typically feed on garbage generated by eateries are facing huge scarcity of food. With this scarcity, various behaviour changes has been seen on them like becoming more aggressive, fighting, begging, scavenging, etc due to which the cases of poisoning, dog bite, throwing stones to the dog and hitting them with a rod has been increasing day by day. Keeping some food and water outside your gate will help lot to solve these kind of issues. So, please help them and save them from hunger and human cruelty.

Yesterday we fed the animals of following route:




Satdobato- Batukbhairabh Temple-Lagankhel Jawalakhel- Pulchowk- Kupandole- Maitighar- Singhadurbar-Tripureshwor- Kathmandu Mall- Naksal Bhagwati- Kalopool- Pashupatinath


Jhamsikhel-Teku Kalo Pool-Teku Vansar Fohor Garbage Area-Kuleshor Phalphul Mandi- Kalimati-Balkhu-Sitapaila-Kalanki-Baphal-Tankeshwor-Dallu-Maitighar-Baneshwor-Tinkune-Sinamangal-Airport (Domestic and International Parking Area) - Pashupatinath

Will you help us to feed more hungry animals?


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