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Sneha's Care is a  non-profit animal rescue organization, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. 


We take action to STOP  the animals from suffering.


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Hit and rune case: One of the frequent happenings

July 7, 2019

We went to Godawari to buy plants and on our way back, we saw this poor dog in the most critical condition. We stopped and when we questioned the locals, we found out that the dog had been hit by a speeding vehicle. Seeing such a severe and poor condition of the dog who is also very old with his leg broken, we really felt as if the dog was pleading with his eyes to help him and therefore we brought him to our shelter for treatment. His condition is very critical still. It is high time we realize the harm we're doing by our careless and mindless driving to these innocent paws in need as this dog was in the road in pain for days end with no help at all by anyone. We cannot even fathom the pain this dog must have been through.

Help us to help recover this dog.



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