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My ultra thought of optimism burst at once

January 29, 2018

I have been living a rough life since the beginning as a street dog but I don't want to dwell on the negativity life has put me through. My ultra thought of optimism burst at once when I got hit harshly by a reckless driver near Valley Cold Store, Khusibu. My front limb is severely fractured which couldn't get better. M/s Venessa and Mr. Kedar couldn't leave me suffering, as a result, they showed Sneha's Care a way to reach me. The team came in for my emergency rescue. The doctor found out that I even have a problem in my left eye which can be a cataract. Misery is adding up one after another. That's okay as I am being cared for at the shelter already.


My severe injury on the limb is the reason that my infected limb will have to be operated and amputated. Will you shower a ray of hope in my life by sponsoring my treatment?




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