After Surgery

January 14, 2018

Hello! It's Khaire here. Interested to read an update about me? I am keen to share my days spent here during my days at the shelter. I was rescued from Balkot after the rescue report made by M/s Sumi. I had this useless CTVT tumor on my genital part. It was a painful experience to carry tumor on my body. But no worries, I have been successfully operated and the tumor is removed. It's a pleasure sharing this to you. Despite all the hardships, I have been fed good foods and have been showered with all the love and pamper that I owe.


The surgery I went through is expensive and the shelter needs your kindness and compassion to cover the expenses. Thanks to those who have been donating. Your donation will give food, shelter, and veterinary treatment to me and my friends. Donate today at




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