Vaccination program at Sakhu

September 15, 2017

Another bright sunny full day spent solely for Sankhu. If you have been following our previous post then you must be aware about our mission to vaccinated each and every dog at Sankhu with Rabies and Distemper which is important for dogs health. Today we were able to cover Sankhu, Khulaltar Ward No. 10 Sankhara Ward No 9 and Indereni Ward No. 9 within 7 hours. With the support of Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen. we vaccinated 47 male dogs and 38 female dogs altogether today. It was a hectic job but the day was fun as we believe in service for four-footed. This wouldn't have been possible with the support of the local's there in Sankhu who were very cooperative. 
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