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When humanity dies

August 23, 2017

Why are humans so selfish? You rare a cow because it gives you milk. But what about a bull? Just because they are of little economic value in a valley where they cannot be used for ploughing, they are abandoned by the merciless owner. Is that what the conscience of a rational human permit?

Thanks to Mr. Saurabh Pradhan who saw this poor one lying all blooded in the footpath and reported to us. Our team reached there and when intervening the local found that early in the morning at 3 am, a reckless driver hit him and ran away. A taxi driver encountered the whole incident where he found the cow lying in the middle of the road with window glasses all over him and took help from the nearest police station to keep him at the footpath. This innocent guy had deep cut wound that needed stitching. His nose is damaged and we believe no animal deserves this.

Humans are called superior for one reason and that is 'humanity' but in todays world we are only humans with not even a hint of humanity. We need everyone with us to help as many animals as we can.





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