Nothing is beautiful than going out of your way and serving the voiceless

August 11, 2017

I really feel sad that I don't have a definite place which I could tell as my home. Nobody to care for me. Why is my life like this? Adding up to pain, I have a deep wound on my head. It pains a lot. I can't even cry to express deep agony I am going through.

Fortunately, someone noticed me. Mr. Rajiv Chitrakar as he introduced himself informed my miserable condition to Sneha's Care. An ambulance came and rescued me yesterday evening. I reached a place with many fellow mates. I feel somehow relief that I am here. The team at this shelter gave me some medicines and treatment. The feeling was distressing when some medicines were inserted in the painful area. I resist to intake medication but they didn't stopped. After sometimes I gave up and lie down to let them continue with the treatment as I thought that resisting is not the solution to it. At least they are better than the people who ignore me on the road. Best part is that I am given yummy food to eat.





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