Age: 8 months old

Color:  White

Sex: Male 

About me: Hi there, you can just guess my name by seeing the color of my fur. Common right?? But I love it. Like many of my other friends present in this shelter, even I was a victim of a hit-and-run case. My hind limbs were paralyzed due to being run over by a cruel person who was riding a car. The bigger the car was, the smaller that person’s heart was, who left me to die in the street after hitting me. But thanks to my life saver Sneha’s Care.

Why adopt/sponsor me: I have been living at Sneha’s Care for the past 6 months. I am genuinely thankful for giving me a new life where I am able to eat and have fun unlike where I was brought from. From being paralyzed to being able to walk and run normally, my journey has been truly amazing. I want to explore new places and become a member of a new home so that victims like me will be able to get treated and protected in the shelter. Are you willing to make me your new family member? You can help by sponsoring me as well. Can I thank you in advance??

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