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Hi everyone!

This is Jenny. I feel pain. I can't move. I was suffering.

This was how I was feeling when they were cutting my neck. And slowing I was losing my consciousness. How can a human be so cruel? How can they act like this? Humans are known to be one of the most intelligent living beings God has ever created. But demons live inside in some of them. They are said to have more than 100 emotions in them. I wonder why that person was acting that way. I had never done any bad to that person. But the world is a cruel place. We are not as superior as humans but we also have emotions and we also feel hurt. That person grabbed me and cut my neck. How brutal it was. You can't even imagine the pain I had to go through. I was bleeding. I was in pain. I was crying for help. What else I could do?

After some time Sneha's Care came to my rescue. They took me to an emergency. They treated me. I was unconscious for 72 hours battling for my life. After a successful operation, I gained my consciousness. Sneha's Care took great care of me. I have fully recovered. But that horrifying day still haunts me. But am happy. I feel safe in here. They take good care of me. There is many other dogs in the shelter who has their own story. This was my story.

Today I am here to ask for your help. Will you make me your sponsor dog? Will you help me? Your single step toward help can help me and other dogs like me to trust in humanity.

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