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Result of dog fight

A dog fight is commonly seen in the streets. When we see a dog fight, we usually throw stones to stop the fight or we simply ignore it. We never tried to figure out what can be the reasons behind this.

Dogs who haven’t been spayed/neutered fight more in comparison to spayed/neutered dogs. Female dogs who haven’t been spayed attract a large number of male dogs which is also another reason for a dog fight. Dogfighting also occurs when they see a new dog entering their area. This pup has been the victim of a dog fight which led his right eye badly injured. We got informed about him by kind animal lover Ms. Sora Singh from Kritipur. Our team immediately moved towards the location and did the dressing and provided him with painkillers and antibiotics. He is under the intense care of Ms.Singh. We hope and pray for his speedy recovery.

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