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As we know due to COVID19 many of us have lost our jobs and also disrupted the business of many of us since the pandemic began resulting in family income loss and also the treatment of the pet dogs. As relief support to the pet owners and a pet, Sneha’s Care will be conducting a free treatment of the pet dogs in our treatment facility located in Bhaisipati. Currently, we are offering a free treatment of diseases like,

• E.canis • Canine parvovirus • Demodex • Fracture bandaging • Canine distemper virus • Surgery (spaying, castration) • Tumor • Complicated fracture pinning

If your dog has any of the health issues mentioned above, kindly fill-up the form below and proceed with the treatment.

For more details, 9808645023

Note: You have to bring the dog to our shelter at Bhaisepati Vanjyang by yourself for the treatment.

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