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Monthly Report - January 2017

TIn the month of January 2017 we were able to help the number of animals as below:-Spay/Neuter - 182 Female Dogs, 28 Male Dogs

Mobile Treatment - 172 Injured Dogs

Shelter Care - 26 Injured Dogs

Rabies Vaccination - 408 Dogs

Large Animals - 2 Cows

Every day, countless street dogs are injured in the street of Kathmandu. Sneha's Care has been helping each rescue cases virtually on a regular basis, out of which road accidents are the utmost. Fractured cases are the extremely expensive medication, and we have been doing what we can to almost our fund. Sneha's Care entirely relies on public donation where 80% of the costs are covered by the founder Ms. Sneha Shrestha. Please encourage us by donating, so that numerous of other will be being taken to a protection and given important medical treatment.Donate today:-



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We take action to STOP  the animals from suffering.

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