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My name is Mini. Like many of the amputees at Sneha's Care, I met with a serious accident on the road of Kathmandu. After the accident, I was abandoned by my family. A local people called for help as soon as they saw me, but unfortunately it was too late and my both back legs were paralyzed. However, I didn't lose my hope. Vet here use to let me walk using different therapy. Slowly I started to walk. My back right leg was doing well but left one couldn't make it due to serious fracture during the accident. They had no choice but to amputate.

Despite everything I’ve been through, I’m still one of the happiest dogs around. Everybody called me happiest one because spending time with people makes me simply joyful.

Thanks to people like you, I was given the treatment I needed and surprised everyone by making a full recovery. But providing care to a Mini like me sure is expensive. Also, there are more than 150 of my friends here and they have their own health problems.

Will you please help by becoming my friend and sponsor?



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