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Abandoned cattle in increasing rate

Almost everyday we started to receive a rescue call for abandoned cattles. Why people are being so cruel and selfish?

Farmers have a habit of turning loose old or sick cows and bull calves which have no financial benefits. Healthy female cows are kept alive for use of dairy industry which means releated cycle of impregnation, separation, painfull milking, oxytocin shots and mastitis. Once they turn old and unable to produce milk, they are abandoned. This poor cow was rescued from Jorpati, Besi Gaun. She was abandoned by her family as she turned old and unable to produce milk. Now, she is safely boarded at Sneha's Care. We wish we could provide shelter for all abandoned calves but it is not possible as we do not have enough shed and it's not permanent solution. Therefore, we are continuously lobbying with the government and find the long term solution so that no animals are abandoned, abused or mistreated.

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