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Ratti got sponsorship

Happy Day

My name is Ratti. I was hit by a vehicle and was dragging in the street. Sneha's Care team rescued me and took me to the shelter for care. The vets took good care of most of my health problems but my past trauma has left my back part paralyzed.

I will live my life happily with more friends at Shelter. We are now more than 9 paralyzed dog here at the shelter. It's very hard to take care with the case like us but one of the biggest ways of helping me, and all the animals that live here with me, is by becoming a sponsor. Today, I have got a good news for you. Yes, I got sponsor, I got my friend.

On behalf of me and my whole Sneha's Care family, thank you so much LIONS CLUB Of KATHMANDU KOSELI, UPAHAR AND ASHIRBAD for sponsoring me.

Will you sponsor my other friends here?



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