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Thank you team Shree Chakraman Dangol Smriti Pratisthan

On the occasion of 5th death Anniversary of the late Chakraman Dangol, Social Worker, the team of the organisation established in his memory "Shree Chakraman Dangol Smriti Pratisthan" visited our shelter and donated us 15 cartoons of biscuits, 5 package of rice and 4kg beans for the eternal repose of his soul.

Chakraman Dangol was a social worker who helped the people of community to solve and fight with the problems in their lives. He was the one who cannot see the sufferings and pain of others. He was a kind person and was a motivation for most of the community people. May the almighty God grant him endless peace and happiness. Thank you team Shree Chakraman Dangol Smriti Pratisthan.

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