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Pinning for a better life

A beautiful, magnificent creature that understands only the language of love, such a loving animal dog that is always ready to share our sorrow has become an integral part of our lives. Most people buy and keep expensive foreign dogs because they love and like them, but even when these expensive pets get sick or injured, they are often left to die on the streets instead of being treated and cared for.

On the way to Kusunti, a kind animal lover Mr Suman Subba met this helpless sick dog who was scurrying around in an injured condition and brought him at our shelter. Sadly, the bone of his back right leg was broken. He now has to be treated by pinning. But at the moment, as we are going a tough time, we are unable to pay for his treatment. We need your help at this time. Despite the need for payment for his treatment, the necessary regular treatment is still going on. Sneha's Care currently has 40 dogs with serious illnesses and injuries, as well as more than 150 permanent dogs, so the organization is now unable to bear this financial hardship. If you can help us give this poor creature a new life he will be thankful for his treatment.

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