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Dog fight

Dog fighting, one of the common problems in our streets. Whenever we see dog fight most of the time either we ignore it, throw stones at them or enjoy seeing them.

Have you ever tried to know the reason behind it? Dogs who haven't been spayed/neutered fight as spayed and neutered dogs are less likely to bite and the female dogs who haven't been spayed attract a large number of male dogs which is the prominent reason of dog fight. Similarly, dogs might fight when they see a new dog entering their area. They stay at a territory, they can't tolerate them if any new dog enters at their territory and start fighting. In the same way, dogs that have not been properly socialized with other dogs may fight them out of fear, or be attacked for their rude and aggressive behavior.

This poor furry is a victim of dog fight. He has wounds in several part of his body. Our team had given him necessary medication and currently under the intense care of them. Soon, we will be doing neutering him. It's always risky to intervene a dog fight, but still you can spay/neuter a dog to prevent it.

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