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Recovery story of Kabi

Updated: Sep 30

Love has power, power to heal every wounds. Hello everyone! Remember me? Yes, its me Kabi (name given by Sneha's Care). I was welcomed by Sneha's Care shelter before a month ago. I was rescued from Kalanki. I was badly hurt due to fight with my friends when I was roaming here and there in search of food. At the same time, I had also been the victim of hit and run. It took me time to recover but now I am strong, healthy and happy and it's all because of love, care, support, dedication and prayers I received from Sneha's Care family and you all. I am really thankful for each and everyone who were for me throughout this journey. All I want to say is love can overcome anything and everything. I have seen many new friends here (Sneha's Care) who is suffering like me. Therefore, please support and pray for them too so that they can recover soon like me. Don't hesitate to love and spread love.

Will you help my friends?


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