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Inhumane act

Sometimes, a question arise 'Are we really worth of getting the gift of life as human beings?' Why don't we realise that every living being whether it be humans or animals should be loved and cared? Not only do all human deserves a better life than this but animals do too. We got informed about this innocent furry from Dallu whose tail was choped by some heartless person. She was hated, ignored and kicked by everyone. Not only these problems were enough in her life. Several times, she was attacked by other dogs. Her body was found with many cuts and wounds due to dog fight. Our team brought her at our shelter and did her dressing and provided her with painkillers and antibiotics. Currently, she is under the intense care of our team.

We should know that they also have the right to be free from oppression, confinement, use and abuse by humans. Don't be cruel to them. Let's protect and spread love.

Will you help us to help more animals?


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