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Hit and run case

Suddenly a vehicle came by and hit him. The lock down has not affected some drivers driving their vehicles recklessly on the open and empty road in the Kathmandu Valley. It seems like they are celebrating lock down.This poor furry was roaming here and there in search of food at Sanepa. But who knows that he will be chased by pain and sorrow that morning. The driver did not consider it his duty to look back. The vehicle ran on a smooth road, but left a trail of pain for him. When the locals eyes fell on him, they decided to help him and brought him to Sneha's Care.

This poor furry was brought at our shelter few days back from Sanepa. Our team did the dressing and provided him with painkiller and antibiotics. Currently, he is under the intense care of locals of that area. Also we have been doing his follow-up in every two days. We hope and pray for his speedy recovery.

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