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Can anybody imagine my pain and suffering?

Can anybody imagine my pain and suffering? How can God allow me so much pain and suffering?

I was roaming here and there in search of food but ended up getting nothing. Hunger forced me to cross my territory but who knows that i get attacked by group of my friends. My heart was already broken and with that broken heart i ran away from there. But i understand my friends. I understand their aggressiveness that came due to lack of food. I understand the suffering of hunger.

But, i couldn't believe that another pain was waiting for me. My situation became wrost when i became the victim of hit and run. Some reckless driver's vehicle hit me which led to the worst condition of my leg. Currently, i am under treatment at Sneha's Care shelter. Please pray for me and drive carefully in empty roads. I also have my friends and family waiting for me. Also, please leave food and water for my friends outside your home.

Would you like to help me please?


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