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Day 33: Feeding Day

We know they are speechless, they can't ask for help, they can't speak for their rights, they can't fight for their freedom and they can't ask for protection.

Today, it was a very cold and a rainy day. But we couldn't stop ourselves going for feeding program despite of heavy rain because we know our childrens are waiting for us in those empty roads with eyes full of hope and excitement. It was a bit hard to feed them due to rain and we saw most of them were busy looking for shades. During this difficult situation, cold and rain have kept them in a high risk. Thus, we urge everyone to provide foods and shelter to these animals as far as possible.

Today's Route




Satdobato- Batukbhairabh Temple-Lagankhel Jawalakhel- Pulchowk- Kupandol- Maitighar- Singhadurbar- Tripureshwor- Kathmandu Mall- Naksal Bhagwati- Kalopool- Pashupatinath



Will you help us to feed more hungry animals?


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