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Day 28: Feeding Day

"Until one has not loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened ”

We have being trying to feed streets animals as much as possible in this panic situation as research has also shown that streets dogs, cows and birds can neither transfer nor give coronavirus to human. They just spread love. We are the only one who can save them from dying during this difficult time. We were able to reach more than 1000 dogs, more than 100 cows and more than 1000 monkeys today. Our humble request to all, please feed them if not many will die and will end up creating new problems.

Today's Route

Route 1

Khokana-Bungamati-Karyabinayak-Pulchowk-Ktm Mall-Brikutimandap-Putalisadak-Kalopool-Siphal-Pashupatinath

Route 2


Route 3

Jawalakhel-Lagankhel-Gabahal-Pulchowk-Kupondole-Kathmandu Mall-Singhadurbar- Naksal Bhagwati Temple-Sano Gaucharan-Brikutimandap-Kalopool-Siphal-Pashupatinath

Will you help us to feed more hungry animals?


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