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Result of human cruelty

During this lockdown, we have been continuously hearing about different issues of animal cruelty, hit and run cases, poisoning, aggressiveness and abandoned cases. Lockdown has made a huge impact on stray animals and birds specifically near the markets.

This poor furry from Sinamangal was beaten badly by the people as he stole the chicken from the farm which lead to deep wound in his tougue. The tongue was almost black due to injury. Our team immediately moved towards the location and treated him with necessary medication as we got informed by a kind animal lover Ashma Joshi. Now, he is under the intense care of Ms. Joshi. We hope and pray for his speedy recovery.

Please do not be cruel to animals, understand their pain because they do not have cognitive ability like us.

Just give them some food, the problem will solve itself.

Will you help us help, feeding more hungry animals?


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