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Day 22: Feeding Day

There is no real happiness than feeding the street dog who is eagerly waiting to get a small bite of good.

Day 22: Feeding Day

The 21 days of lockdown due to COVID-19 has great affected to us. At the same time, it has created problem to another large group (stray animals). It has emptied the busy streets leaving the strays starving. There have been stray dogs and cats loitering around the empty streets wondering where all the humans have disappeared. With people being at home, animals are left with no any option and are helpless. They are becoming emancipated and weaker ones are dying due to hunger. It can create another roadblock for the humans if they are not fed. These animals are speechless. They can't ask for help and fight for their rights and protection. Therefore, its our duty to feed them and keep humanity alive. Please try to cook some extra food so that you can help to feed the stray dogs near your house, else they will die starving in these days.

Yesterday, we fed the animals of following route:

Route 1




Route 3


Will you help us help, feeding more hungry animals?



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