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Day 18: Feeding Day

COVID-19 has forces billions of people around the world into lockdown. At the same time, it has hit hard to another population of world that is stray animals. Its the 18th day of our feeding program and everyday the number of these animals are increasing. Some seems to be abandoned while others seems to have roamed far from their usual place in search of food. It is a worry to us that they could be exposed to cruelty and poisoning.

Therefore, we team Sneha's Care make sure that all animals in our route have enough food so that they don't become aggressive. Also, we have been providing foods for other feeder groups where we couldn't reach. Everyday, we have been feeding more than 1000 dogs, 100 cows and more than 1000 monkeys of Lalitpur and Kathmandu.

We would like to thank

Lalitpur Metropolitan City

for supporting us in helping these voiceless animals.

Help us to help more helpless animals.



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