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Day 13: Feeding Day

This national wide lockdown has affected not just human beings, it has equally affected to the animals who cannot speak for their rights and cannot ask for help. These stray animals are found hungry and destitute in these trying times. Few animals lovers and animal welfare based organisations have taken the task to ease the suffering of these animals.

As Regis Murayi said “part of being a person is about helping others”. Being one of the animal welfare based organisation, working more than five years in animal sector, we team Sneha’s Care have been feeding these innocent streets animals since 13 days to ease the suffering of them. But this effort is not just enough so please donate or feed these innocent animals around you and in your community.

Lastly, we would like to heartily thank

Lalitpur Metropolitan City

for supporting us in feeding the stray animals.

Yesterday, we fed the animals of following route:

Route 1

Satdobato- Hatiban-Chapagaun Dobato-Ullens School- Thecho-Harsiddhi - Bajarabarahi Temple

Route 2

Ekantakuna-Dhobighat-Lagankhel- Jawalakhel- Balkhu-Sanepa-Pulchowk- UN House- Bakhundol- Hotel Summit- British College- Sanepa- Kalopul-Tripureshwor- Tudikhel-Ratnapark-Pashupatinath

Help us to reach more animals in need.




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We take action to STOP  the animals from suffering.

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