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Day 11: Feeding Day

Animals have no voice. They can't ask for help. They can't speak for their rights. They can't fight for their freedom. They can't ask for protection. But they do so much for the humans. They provide us companionship and company along with security. They helps us to reduce stress sweeping away all our lonliness. Therefore, its important to appreciate the love and compassion that they bring to our world. During this hard time, humanity must be their voice. LET'S PROVE HUMANITY STILL EXIST BY SPREADING LOVE TOWARDS THEM AND SERVING WHATEVER WE CAN.

Today, DAY 11 OF FEEDING DAY, we fed the animals of two different routes: Route 1: Chapagaun Dobato- Thecho- Bajrabaharai Temple-Taukhel- Bandegaun- Harisiddhi- Hattiban Route 2: Satdobato- Lagankhel-Mangalbazar- Durbar Square- Sundhara- Gwarko- Balkumari

Help us to reach more animals in need.



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