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Day 10: Feeding Day

Today its already been the 10 days of lockdown and we are happy to see the pet dogs these days enjoying their time with their owners as they are giving them more time than other days along with timely feeding and care. At the same time, its heartbreaking to see the fortune of strays. Yesterday, we were feeding till late night and the condition of the street dogs and other animals was really devastating. They were roaming here and there in search of food in empty streets and wondering where all humans have disappeared. This is the time we should not forget our humanity. As they have been protecting us from many incidents to happen since long, now its our responsibility to protect them and make sure that noone of them die due to hunger. Note: We have been feeding the animals at Lagankhel, Naksal, Jawalakhel, Pulchowk, Kupondole, Thapathali, Tripureshwor, Tudikhel, Ratnapark, Trichandra College, Brikutimandap, Durbarmarg, RR College, Putalisadak, Gyaneshwor, Chabahil, Jay Bajeshwori, Pashupatinath,Ekantakuna, Balkhu, Kalanki, Swyambhu, Balaju and Sorhakhutte daily.

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