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Day 9: Feeding Day

Day 9: Feeding Day To break the chain of spreading COVID-19 human has find myriad ways, one of them is lockdown. And during this process street animas have end up starving in roads which might lead to an unforeseen casualty of the lockdown. We have observed that hundreds of streets animals in Nepal depends on daily markets, restaurants and hotels for foods. They usually have hard times and this social distancing and public isolation have even made their living harder.

Thus, keeping the Anatole Frances quotes in mind, i.e, “Until one has not loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened ” we have being trying to feed streets animals as much as possible in this panic situation. Because research as shown that streets dogs, cows, monkeys and birds can neither get nor give coronavirus to human. So, it is our humble request, please feed them if not many will die and will end up creating new problems.

We fed at Lagankhel, Naksal, Jawalakhel, Pulchowk, Kupondole, Thapathali, Tripureshwor, Tudikhel, Ratnapark, Trichandra College, Brikutimandap, Durbarmarg, RR College, Putalisadak, Gyaneshwor, Chabahil, Jay Bajeshwori, Pashupatinath,Ekantakuna, Balkhu, Kalanki, Swyambhu, Balaju, Sorhakhutte and Lainchaur today and still our team is there in some of the places busy in feeding.

Help us to reach more animals in need.




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