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Day 8: Feeding Day

As every human being all animals want a healthy life with loving and caring home. And nothings tug at our heartstrings more than when we read and see adaptation story with a happy ending. But every dogs and cat doesn’t get the opportunity to adopt or live a healthy life. As a result every year 100 of dogs and cats dies due to thirst, starvation and disease. This situation is even more miserable due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. As Isaac Asimov once said “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful, but it’s the transition that’s troublesome”. Due to lockdown all the source of foods for animals ranging from hotels, restaurants and markets are reduced to almost zero percent. Thus, these streets dogs and animals have a hard time to get food and nutrition is only the myth. Keeping this issue in mind we took an initiation to feed them with additional delicious and highly nutritional item i.e, eggs with rice today, DAY 8 OF FEEDING PROGRAM at the same yesterday's route (Lagankhel, Jawalakhel, Pulchowk, Kupondole, Thapathali, Tripureshwor, Tudikhel, Ratnapark, Trichandra College, Brikutimandap, Naksal, Durbarmarg, RR College, Putalisadak, Kalanki, Gyaneshwor, Jay Bajeshwori, Pashupati, Ekantakuna, Balkhu, Swyambhu, Balaju, Sorhakhutte, Lainchaur, Chabahil). We choose eggs because research has shown that eggs are the source of calcium and protein which makes bone and teeth strong. Further, it is evident that eggs helps to strengthen the hair and repair tissue. Yes, just serving them once cannot be that impactful, but starting an initiation is “the beginning of always”. So in this panic suitation lets not leave these animals behind. Lets serve them what we can to save ones life.

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