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Day 2: Feeding Day

There is no better feeling in the world than feeding these innocent animals. Day 2: Feeding Day It was really heartbreaking and our eyes were full to tears to see those innocent beings in this condition where they have no where to go, no food to eat, roaming here and there in search of food in the garbage but had to return with empty stomach. At the same time, we feel relieved looking after their eyes with full of joyfullness and excitement of getting and having the food that we took. Today, we feed the dogs, cows and monkeys around ringroad and Pashupati area.

According to WHO, dogs and cats cannot spread COVID-19. There is no any evidence that dogs and cats have infected humans with COVID-19. You might need to avoid people or sitting with them in a group but abviously not with these furry friends. Therefore, we again request you all to feed the animals you see at least in your area and express the acts of love and kindness to all helpless animals because we are their guardians.

Help us to help more animals in need.



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