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Best method to control population of dog

There is always answer to cruelty. The concurrent issues regarding cruel methods of dog population has a scientific answer and that is SPAY & NEUTER. Yes, since our establishment we are practising neutering (बन्ध्याकरण) of male and female dogs. Everyday we neuter dogs with humane method. This is the best possible scientific and humane method to control street dog population instead of poisoning and brutal killing by beating and all. We manage the surgical pain with proper anaesthesia(बेहोस बनाएर) and painkillers. We take special attention to asepsis to prevent infection. The dogs recover the wound within 7 days and they are sterile for life which means humane and proper population control of dogs devoid of murdrous activities. We are always striving to restore the welfare of animals in our country. Please share about this scientific, humane and best method of dog population control to everyone.

Help us to reach our goal.


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