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Kindly to Paradygm TV

PARADYGM TV season 1 episode 12

Being such a huge platform to showcase multitudes of contemporary issues in witty and humorous ways, we have been your audience and praised you for it. But the recent past episode 12 of Season 1 has left us dumbstruck for the episode titled "Bhusya Kukkur (Street Dogs)" is clearly incorrect not only in the title itself but also the message relayed.

Firstly, we should not be calling them "Bhusya" but call them community dogs for they are communally owned of that locality. Do you think it is now convenient to call children living in the streets "Bhusya children" as well? The short answer is that no individual should have the right to kill a dog that is otherwise healthy and, likewise, no individual has the right to make the decision.

Dogs tend to bite people because of provocation and most importantly because they simply do not trust humans. Have you ever thought and or aware of how cruel people can be towards these loving paws? How can you ever consider "complaining" to Nagarpalika and killing them as a "smart" solution to solve the problem? We call ourselves moral beings, having rational thought and able to distinguish between right and wrong and this is the smart solution that we come up with?

Have you ever considered or researched for that matter the sheer amount of death of dogs in the hit and run cases caused by the careless and mindless driving and how many dogs become paralyzed and have to live such pitiful lives.

Today, the dog has a right to be free of any violence. In fact, “they” have a legal right to more: food, water, and shelter. This is called progress; the march of history. And every journey to a better future starts by recognizing the value of that simple rationale.

Please think twice before posting on your channel Paradygm TV.

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