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Lifeline to lifeline!

Healed for the Better!

This adorable dog was in the worst condition when rescued and brought into the shelter. He had his upper and lower jaw smashed and one eye blind from been hit by a speeding vehicle. He could not eat nor swallow due to this. Team Sneha's Care did his jawline surgery and was under treatment for these past weeks. Now, he is doing so much better as he can eat properly.

When we consider the sheer number of animals who die on roads, we need to consider seriously how we so easily and regularly influence the lives of other animals and why we must bring more compassion to the world.

Expanding our compassion footprint to include nonhuman animals with whom we cohabit and into whose living we moved as we redecorated nature has become even more of prominence now.

Let us not neglect but protect these animals! Let us all slowly see the effect as the animals reconnect!!

One kind animal lover helped to save this dog. Another one out there can help save another paw. Let that be You!

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#hitandruncases #animalwelfare #animalrights

#hitandruncase #animalwelfare #animalrights

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We take action to STOP  the animals from suffering.

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