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The extent of heinous cruelty so-called human beings take!!

WARNING - This story contains graphic content that some may find disturbing.

We are deeply disturbed by the inhuman behavior the so called human can go through and much more saddened by the death of this loving paw. 😭😭

When we got a rescue buzz by a kind animal lover Manoj Bhandari from Taudaha about an unconscious dog badly injured, despite falling short in our technical team, we rushed into help treat and bring the dog to our shelter. What we did not know was that the dog breathed his last breath on its way to our shelter when we were bringing him.

Upon inspection and from what we gathered after talking to the informer and the locals, it was not difficult for us to conclude that some person/s had deliberately used a sharp gigantic knife cutting his mouth wide open. We cannot even fathom to think how much pain this loving companion must have gone through for he went unconscious unable to take the pain.

Just because we are advanced doesn't give us the right to harm these animals. For people to make any excuses for any reason whatsoever to treat these animals in such a way is simply unjustifiable and these kind of beings can only be Satan in worst form.

We kindly request and urge you all to be more compassionate towards these loving beings who are our parallel inhabitants of this planet that we call ours.

We were sadly not able to save this furry friend but we hope to save more of their kind.

A kind animal lover out there made this rescue call. Another kind animal lover will definitely save the next loving paw in need. Let that be YOU!

Help us to help more animals in need. Esewa- Paypal- Other ways of donations-

Help us to help more animals in need. Esewa- Paypal- Other ways of donations-

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