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Our fighter boy Coco!

Do you remember Coco?

He was rescued from Bhaisepati, Lalitpur on 9th January 2019. When we found him, he was drenched in blood. Someone had cut his tail off and left him to die. Team Sneha's Care urgently brought him to the shelter and started immediate treatment. Now, he has transformed beautifully and is so much happier than ever before.

The question popping here is not, can they reason, nor, can they talk. But, can they suffer? Whatever may be the rationale behind a cruel act, cruelty to an animal cannot be hailed. It is a saddening truth that animal cruelty is a crime that is more often than not dismissed and rarely brought to justice.

There are laws about animal cruelty and abuse but aren’t used as much as they should be. There are animals being abused, tortured, or neglected every day that no one reports, notices, or does anything about. The rights that animals have now aren’t given to the animals like they should be or where created to be. Animal abuse isn’t a case that most people look at a highly serious problem. The rights that we have given to animals or pets or have created for them aren’t highly used as much or given to an animal as much as they should be.

You can say you are not an animal rights activist, but we at Sneha's Care firmly believe in is: you don’t have to be one to say that this brutality against animals must come to an end.

In years of humanity's existence, the role of the animals can be considered as one of the factors that have greatly shaped human culture. Animals are living, breathing creatures that are able to feel, think and have souls. For people to make excuses and to say that they can use animals as a means of testing, hunting, torturing or killing because they are just animals is cruel and irrational.

Let us not, therefore, neglect but protect these animals. Let us all slowly see the effect as animals reconnect.

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