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These kind animal lovers brought in sick community dogs to our shelter for treatment. The responsibility they have taken upon themselves to care and shower love for these ailing dogs show that the perspective against community dogs are slowly changing. We at Sneha's Care are very much appreciative of their efforts to bring about these little but significant change in the lives of our loving paws. We need more individuals like them in our communities. Your small gesture can save the lives of the voiceless. Dogs are creatures capable of thinking and sensing. The disregard of their suffering only because they are different species than us humans can’t be accepted.

Team Sneha's Care takes every possible measure to help animals in need, but it is sometimes not possible even for us to take heed of every case at hand for various reasons. We as members of a community should not just put sole responsibility on taking care of animals to organizations but take some role ourselves to better the lives of these loving paws.

Also keeping dogs in shelters is neither a permanent nor a long term solution. By collecting the stray dogs from the streets to shelters, the dogs can be taken care of and are safe for the time being. However, soon the shelters will be full and no more room for the dogs still living on the streets. More and more shelters should be built to meet the demand of the ever-increasing population of these animals. As you can see, the circle is endlessly making this method extremely expensive to maintain.

We tend to worship our own kept dogs in the vicinity of our own homes. Now it is time we get together in public spaces and celebrate all dogs together. We need to instill a sense of pride about community dogs in school children as well for their education on safe ownership, and dog safety as it is the backbone for much of the animal issues we face daily.

Where these street dogs are born is where they belong. We as members of a community should bring in new found love and warmth for these community dogs only to see it returned ten folds by these companion animals.

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