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Let us be more mindful of our driving!


We got a rescue buzz from Binod Shrestha about a hit and run case. This beautiful dog named Kale was found unable to move and hence wet with rainstorm in the streets shivering from cold. Out team Sneha's Care reached the place and brought him in to the shelter. Our veterinarian doctor checked his internal wounds and found paralysis waist down. He is now undergoing treatment in our shelter. We are hoping and praying for his speed recovery.

2 minutes, dear humans. It only takes 2 minutes of your precious time to look at the road while driving and slow down so that the dogs could cross the road. That’s it. These loving paws have to face terrible and life-threatening consequences of your mindless and indifferent mistakes.

As human activity increases with soaring overpopulation and an increasing number of vehicles, more than one million animals die each day on roads. Speeding is the major cause of such accidents. When we consider the sheer number of animals who die on roads, we need to consider seriously how we so easily and regularly influence the lives of other animals and why we must bring more compassion to the world.

Simple solutions are readily available. Defensive driving techniques, such as driving slowly and mindfully, honking horn at animals who look as if they are about to enter the roadway, removing a struck animal and calling for veterinary care are some ways to help animals. Each of us can act individually to decrease avoidable losses on the road.

We should also consider expanding our compassion footprint to include nonhuman animals with whom we cohabit and into whose living we moved as we redecorated nature. There's no personal cost to doing this. Regardless of one’s motivation, religious affiliation, ethos or sensitivities, animals that use roads are not intrusions nor should they be considered surprises. Indeed, they dwell alongside us and should also have a place in our heart. Increasing our compassion and expanding our awareness of their presence can be accomplished by simple means.

For the overwhelmed, the uninterested, the disempowered, or the unconvinced, appreciating that each of us can make a positive difference in the lives of others may prove an unbelievable concept in light of our present environmental dilemmas. But we can make a difference with simple acts of kindness and increased empathy and compassion.

Let us not neglect but protect these animals! Let us all slowly see the effect as the animals reconnect!!

Help us help more animals in need.

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