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A Journey of Salvation: Mr. Piggles

When our founder president Sneha Shrestha first laid her eyes on Mr. Piggles, she was shell shocked for a minute. Being the kindred soul that she is and devoting her whole life to save the loving paws of the world; seeing the appalling condition in which Mr. Piggles was in brought tears to her eyes. Whether a thunderous rain, frightful hailstorm or the scorching heat, Mr. Piggles had the most dreadful 3 years of his life bound by just around 1m long rope tied to a pole living in a grisly mud for the past 3 years under the open sky.

When team Sneha's Care first released his caged rope from the pole, Mr. Piggles shivered at the human touch out of terror of the unknown. To bring him to our truck and to load him was even more challenging as Mr. Piggles fought back fiercely thinking he was being taken to a slaughterhouse. The 700km long drive was in all probability the longest ride of his life for our beloved Mr. Piggles.

Countless thoughts and unpleasant emotions must have been going through his mind along this whole length of his journey. Little did he know that he was finally being brought to the safest heaven he could have imagined or thought of.

Mr. Piggles who jolted and jerked back at the mere touch of a human being now loves the same touch more than ever before. We can surely say that his faith in humanity has been restored from the way he comes running to his savior Sneha Shrestha upon being called.

We are keeping Mr. Piggles on a balanced diet and constant monitoring for he has recovered finding a loving home and family at Sneha's Care.

The time to help is NOW!!

Let us not neglect but protect these animals! Let us all slowly see the effect as the animals reconnect!!

Without your support, we cannot help animals in need.

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