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From the street of Kathmandu to Canada

We found Jack in the street of Swyambhunath (Monkey Temple). He was badly injured and was wandering in the street for almost a week. It could be that, he was abandoned by his owner instead of medically treating him.

We got a rescue call for him and went to the spot to rescue this innocent boy. We brought him to the shelter and started his treatment.

It took us more than 2 months to heal his wound after few stitches on his cut. He made many new friends in the shelter and recovered well. He gained his weight back and got healthy as well. He already made his place in our heart.

It was a day when an awesome couple from Canada arrived in our shelter to support us and they immediately liked Jack and wanted to adopt him. Jack stole their heart :)

They also donated Rice for a month for the dogs living at the shelter.

Now Jack is already in Canada and living a happy life with them. We wish there would be more people like Caryl & Pierre so that there would not be any dogs left homeless.

Thank you The Global Work & Travel Co. all the support.

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