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The Holy Cow

A cow with most of its body paralyzed was lying on the ground for 5 days at Balkhu, every night and every day in this weather. It was hit by a vehicle. It couldn’t move an inch and had to lay there while it rained heavily and the temperature dropped. The cow is placed in a scared high pedestal in this country. It is our ‘national animal’. But where was all that when the very cow that people worship was lying there for all those days? It is not a small insect that people must not have seen. It was there. It could be seen. Its cry could be heard.

Thankfully, Nawang and his friends came across the cow and acted quickly. They covered it up in tarpaulin, so that even though they could not move her to a safer place at the time, at least she was safe from the downpour. As we cannot hold a cow in our small shelter, our rescue team, had to build a temporary shelter for the cow nearby. The cow was given painkillers and was then shifted to the shelter with the help of locals in the community for the night. Our team along with the community members worked until late so that the structure could hold the cow.

We received the message from Nawang today that the cow died this afternoon. It has left this cruel place, who only prayed and cared for it for their gain. Even though it is a really sad ending, we believe that it is in a better place than this now. Its suffering is over. It was a strong one to have fought to survive this long. Rest in peace beautiful girl. Humans do not deserve you.

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